Supercharge Your Houseplants So They Can Root For You

Want To Breath Organically Produced Air ?

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AiraFilter™ Natural Air Purifier

The Organic Choice

  • Improves poor indoor air quality
  • Reduces indoor air pollution- viruses, bacteria and organic chemicals
  • Uses readily accessible house plants to naturally purify your air
  • The AiraFilter™- A natural oxygen pump.  It boosts oxygen production of household plants up to 30X !

We envision homes with AiraFilter™ Benefits.


Game Changing Features

Our products use natural processes with organic outputs.

  • Plant roots and their associated microorganisms develop into a purifying ecosystem
  • Forced air circulation throughout plant roots greatly increases oxygen production
  • Pollutants are transformed into nutrients which are used by the plant

Healthy Organic Outcomes:

Natural Air Filter Cross-Section
Patented uptake root structure
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Inspired By NASA Research

  • “Two major problems with indoor air pollution are the identification of trace chemicals and their correlation with diseaselike symptoms.”
  • “The Plant root-soil zone appears to be the most effective area for removing VOC's (volatile organic chemicals)”
  • “A plant filter system is one of the most promising means of alleviating the sick building syndrome associated with many new, energy-efficient buildings.”

We envision products for an organic environment.

Get Smart About Clean Air and the AiraFilter™

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Our customers want to create an organic environment for their health and family. AiraCorp technologies are nature inspired and field tested. Our products embody a high level of design and reliability. We envision new possibilities for healthy organic living. We invite you to experience the AiraCorp brand and make it your own. Welcome to the AiraCorp family!

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