Supercharge Your Houseplants

So They Can Root For You

Supercharge Your Houseplants

So They Can Root For You

AiraFilter™ Natural Air Purifier

The Organic Choice

AiraFilter™ Benefits

  • Improves poor indoor air quality
  • Reduces indoor air pollution- viruses, bacteria and organic chemicals
  • Uses readily accessible house plants to naturally purify your air
Natural Air Filter Cross-Section
Patented uptake root structure

Game Changing Features

  • The Airafilter™ Natural Air Purifier uses a fan to circulate the air through the purifying material which cleans the air in a room more quickly and effectively than a passive filter or plant.
  • Maximizes air exposure to the plant root-soil zone

AiraFilter™ Functions

  • Plant roots and their associated microorganisms develop into a purifying ecosystem
  • Forced air circulation throughout plant roots greatly increases oxygen production
  • Pollutants are transformed into nutrients which are used by the plant

Inspired by NASA Research

Nasa study- 1989

  • “Two major problems with indoor air pollution are the identification of trace chemicals and their correlation with diseaselike symptoms.”
  • “The Plant root-soil zone appears to be the most effective area for removing VOC's (volatile organic chemicals)”
  • “A plant filter system is one of the most promising means of alleviating the sick building syndrome associated with many new, energy-efficient buildings.”

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