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Reduce your environmental impact

Environmental Impact

Why We care about

Many regions on our planet are dealing with problems such as:

  • Contaminated Water and Soil and Air
  • Lack of safe sanitation
  • Water shortages
  • Overloaded and aging sewer systems
  • Failing septic tanks and leach fields

By using our products, you can help reduce your environmental impact.

today's Sanitation - Reimagined

  • FRESH WATER used for drinking, not flushing
  • LESS CONTAMINATION of water and soil
  • MORE CLEAN AIR because less sewer gases are left untreated
  • MORE HEALTHY SOIL NUTRIENTS because solid waste becomes Biosynthate

We envision a world that lives in harmony with nature with less impact on the environment. Our vision addresses the global sanitation crisis.

Clean environment
Droilet Logo-Changing Direction of Sanitation

Changing the Direction of Sanitation

  • CONSERVING the use of our most precious resource - water
  • RECYCLING human waste into nutrients usable by nature
  • RETURNING back to nature what it has given to us

Improving the World one Droilet™ at a Time

Our Brand

Droliet Trademark jpg
Droliet Trademark jpg

Around the world, people are seeking common sense solutions to sanitation without a compromise in standards. The DROILET™ represents the highest level of design and reliability, creating new possibilities for stand-alone sanitation. We invite you to experience our DROILET™ brand and make it your own. Welcome to the Aira Corp family!

Aira Corp - Nature Inspired™

Environmentally Sound Sanitation Technology