The AiraFilter™


This item will be released February 28, 2023.

Improve poor indoor air quality and remove viruses, bacteria and VOCs from room air with the AiraFilter™ natural air purifier. Shipping time is dependent on available supply but is typically 30 days. You will be notified after purchase of estimated delivery time.

10 available for pre-ordering


AiraFilter™ Benefits

  • Improves poor indoor air quality
  • Reduces indoor air pollution- viruses, bacteria and organic chemicals
  • Uses readily accessible house plants to naturally purify your air

Game Changing Features

  • The Airafilter™ natural air filter uses a fan to circulate the air through the purifying material which cleans the air in a room more quickly and effectively than a passive filter or plant.
  • Maximizes air exposure to the plant root-soil zone

AiraFilter™ Functions

  • Plant roots and their associated microorganisms develop into a purifying ecosystem
  • Forced air circulation throughout plant roots greatly increases oxygen production
  • Pollutants are transformed into nutrients which are used by the plant