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The Reinvented Toilet

Introducing the Droilet™

Skip the Septic - Build Wherever

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Introducing the Droilet™

The Reinvented Toilet

Skip the Septic - Build Wherever

The Droilet™ helps you have safe sanitation

Droilet™ Benefits

  • The Droilet™ is a stand-alone unit
  • No need for a septic tank, messy storage bags or external composting bin to complete the treatment process
  • Water Line not required
  • Seamlessly installs on an existing toilet footprint
  • Can be used in an unheated area (unlike most composting toilets)
  • Aesthetically pleasing

New Opportunities

  • You can design and put your house where you desire
  • The ability to live your dream with minimal impact on nature
  • Adaptable to solar and battery power for off-grid choices
  • Option to extend the life of an aging septic tank
  • Affordable solution for septic alternatives and failed perc tests
safe sanitation benefits

Game Changing Features


  • The Airafilter™ option treats gases to eliminate obnoxious odors, unlike other septic alternatives
  • No flies or maggots can live or multiply inside the treatment area like in simple composting toilets
  • The end product is isolated, pasteurized and pathogen free
  • Internal mechanics are automated
  • Functional Respiration™ technology supplies venting with no internal fan
The Droilet™ Airafilter™ option treats gases to eliminate obnoxious odors, unlike other septic alternatives.

Droilet™ Innovation

  • DEVELOPED with patented designs and engineering
  • DESIGNED following OSI 30500 international standards for non-sewered sanitation systems
  • ENGINEERED to standards discussed in EPA publication EPA/625/R-92/013 for Class A biosolids
  • BUILT using proprietary materials and systems
  • TRANSFORMS organic waste into a pathogen-free biosynthate which can be added to the soil as a nutrient
MTEC Patent- Droilet-576X400

The Functional Process

  1. Urine is separated and diverted
  2. Solid waste gets dumped into a Mixing Zone
  3. Solid waste and sawdust are combined to form feedstock
  4. Feedstock is mixed and digested by a bacteria culture
  5. Feedstock is transformed into Biosynthate
  6. Biosynthate is isolated and pasteurized
Solid Waste Treatment Diagram
Droliet Trademark jpg
Droliet Trademark jpg

"My family and I use the prototype Droilet. I can say that this product is far beyond anyone's imagination." -Toney

"I have used my father-in-law's Droilet™ and can see the benefits this product can provide the residential user and the environment as a whole" -Dan

"I grew up using my uncle's Droilet™. Now, when I use a toilet it makes me sad to see water being wasted."