Explore the world of stand-alone sanitation systems and how they can positively impact clean water.

Expert advice on all things related to safe sanitation - better than composting toilets, focusing on the Droilet™ by Airacorp.

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The Evolution of Dry Toilets – A Case for Sustainable Sanitation

By AiraCorp Team | September 8, 2023 |

SEPTIC ALTERNATIVES : The integration of dry toilets into stand-alone sanitation systems enhances the eco-revolution.
“A significant step forward in our quest for sustainable living”.

Assessment Questionnaire – Is the Droilet™ right for you?

By AiraCorp Team | September 6, 2023 |

SEPTIC ALTERNATIVES : Assess your needs, preferences, and requirements.
Are you concerned about preserving your property’s natural landscape and minimizing environmental impact?

Guide to Choosing the Droilet™ Septic Alternative System

By AiraCorp Team | September 5, 2023 |

SEPTIC ALTERNATIVES: An eco-friendly and efficient septic alternative system that can free you from the constraints of traditional sewage systems. “You can confidently choose the Droilet™ as your septic alternative system”.

Droilet™ vs. Traditional Septic Alternatives

By AiraCorp Team | September 4, 2023 |

SEPTIC ALTERNAIVES : The Droilet™ is revolutionizing the world of septic alternative systems. “The Droilet™ is micro-engineered to fit within a standard toilet footprint, eliminating the need for external tanks”.

Land Failed Perc Test? Beyond Traditional Septic Systems

By AiraCorp Team | September 3, 2023 |
Perk Test example

SEPTIC ALTERNATIVES: Traditional septic systems rely on the soil’s ability to absorb and filter water efficiently. Alternative septic solutions like the Droilet™ offer innovative options.