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  • The benefits and science of hot composting featuring the Incuposter™ by AiraCorp.
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The Power Of Hot Composting: Transforming Food Scraps Into Nutrient-Rich Treasure

By ljmast | September 29, 2023

HEALTHY SOIL : Hot composting works better than normal composting for food scraps. Hot composting excels in nutrient retention essential for soil health.

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Quiz: What is a Healthy Soil Superhero?

By ljmast | September 21, 2023

In organic soil, you’ll find a world of health and vitality. Are You Maximizing the Marvelous Health Benefits of Healthy Organic Soil?

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Should You Wash Your Hands After Working with Compost?

By ljmast | September 7, 2023

HEALTHY LIVING: Compost is not just a blend of decaying organic matter; it can also harbor microorganisms, some of which can be potentially harmful. The Incuposter™ by AiraCorp kills the bad bacteria and leave the good bacterial.

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Understanding the Color of Hot Compost: Brown vs. Black and the Role of Maturation

By ljmast | August 20, 2023

It’s not uncommon to find the results of hot composting to be a brown color. This color variation is attributed to several factors:

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The Scientific Connection Between Healthy Organic Soil and Our Immune System

By djmast | August 12, 2023

SOIL HEALTH: Organic soil’s bioavailability produce nutrient-dense crops that sharpen the bodies immune response. “Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people.” – Organic Gardening Slogan

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INCUPOSTER™ or Not? Evaluate Your Composting Journey

By AiraCorp Team | August 12, 2023

SOIL HEALTH: Your composting solution.  Create nutrient-rich compost quickly with the Incuposter™. The right choice for your composting journey.

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INCUPOSTER™: Your Path to Real Compost in Days

By djmast | August 12, 2023

SOIL HEALTH: Turning your kitchen scraps into luscious soil right on your patio. Your Patio Garden’s New Best Friend.

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