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Quiz- Do Your Houseplants Purify Your Air?

By ljmast | September 21, 2023 |

CLEAN AIR: Houseplants contribute to better indoor air quality. “Houseplants are like natural air filters, quietly working to improve the air we breathe inside our homes.” – Kamal Meattle

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Supercharge Your Houseplants So They Can Root For You

By AiraCorp Team | September 2, 2023 |

CLEAN AIR : Innovative technology, inspired by NASA research, transforms your houseplants into powerful air purification systems.
” Houseplants not only purify the air but also infuse your home with the soothing essence of the outdoors.” – Unknown

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Improve Indoor Air Quality With an Airafilter™

By djmast | September 1, 2023 |
Natural Air Purifier

CLEAN AIR : Be enchanted by the AiraFilter™ Natural Air Purifier, a game-changing addition to your botanical home.
“Plants are the lungs of the Earth, and when we bring them indoors, they become the lungs of our homes.” – Sylvia Earle

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AiraFilter™ or Not? Enhancing Indoor Green Spaces

By djmast | August 30, 2023 | Comments Off on AiraFilter™ or Not? Enhancing Indoor Green Spaces

CLEAN AIR : Green spaces within our homes foster a connection with nature and improving indoor air quality.
“Incorporating houseplants into your home is a simple and effective way to cleanse and freshen the air you and your family breathe.” – Wangari Maathai

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Root-Powered Air Purification

By ljmast | August 22, 2023 | Comments Off on Root-Powered Air Purification

The Green Solution for Cleaner Indoor Air and Oxygen Enrichment A Breath of Fresh Air In the quest for healthier indoor environments, we often overlook a simple yet powerful solution: houseplants. These lush, green companions do more than just brighten up your living space-they can act as organic air purifiers and oxygen generators. In this…

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