The Droilet™


The Droilet™ gives you the freedom to choose where to build because it requires no septic tank, sewage system or messy storage bags. Coming Soon

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Droilet™ Benefits

  • The Droilet™ is a stand-alone unit
  • The need for a septic tank, sewage system or messy storage bags is eliminated
  • Water Line not required
  • Seamlessly installs on an existing toilet footprint
  • Affordable solution for septic alternatives and failed perc tests

Game Changing Features

  • The Airafilter™ option treats gases to eliminate obnoxious odors
  • No flies or other insects can live or multiply inside the treatment area
  • The end product is isolated, pasteurized and pathogen free
  • Internal mechanics are automated
  • Functional Respiration™ technology supplies venting with no internal fan

New Opportunities

With the Droilet, previously unbuildable land can become buildable. Now, you can design and put your house wherever.

    • You can design and put your house where you desire
    • The ability to live your dream with minimal impact on nature
    • Adaptable to solar and battery power for off-grid choices
    • Option to extend the life of an aging septic tank


Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 30 in
Droilet base model

This basic model without AiraFilter. Requires ventilation.

The Droilet

The Standard Droilet Model. Includes AiraFilter attachment.


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