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Read articles about healthy eco-friendly living, clean water, clean air, healthy soil, and safe sanitation.

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The Power Of Hot Composting: Transforming Food Scraps Into Nutrient-Rich Treasure
HEALTHY SOIL : Hot composting works better than normal composting...
Quiz: Find Your Style of Eco-Friendly Living
HEALTHY LIVING : An Eco-friendly lifestyle starts at home. The...
Eco-Friendly Home
Quiz- Do Your Houseplants Purify Your Air?
CLEAN AIR : Houseplants contribute to better indoor air quality....


Articles about the green technology and innovations that are made possible by AiraCorp's products and patent.

Incupost- Organic Compost
The New Evolution of Compost – Biosynthate
AIRACORP ECO-TECHNOLOGY : It's time to introduce the world to...
Urban Gardening Planting
The Vital Role of Aerobic Thermophilic Bacteria: From Nature to Our Gut
AIRACORP ECO-TECHNOLOGY : A Core Green Technology Bacteria are some...
Pristine Water Sources
Why Stand-Alone Sanitation Systems? A Game Changer for Sustainable Living
AIRACORP ECO-TECHNOLOGY : Alternative sanitation systems have the potential to...


Learn eco-friendly words.

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Eco-Friendly Dictionary
ECO-FRIENDLY DICTIONARY : From AERATE: introducing air into soil - to - ZEOLITE: a mineral used in gardening. A resource for terminology. Increase your vocabulary...