Guide to Choosing the Droilet™ Septic Alternative System


An eco-friendly and efficient septic alternative system that can free you from the constraints of traditional sewage systems.

"You can confidently choose the Droilet™ as your septic alternative system". 

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The Greener Choice

Are you in search of an eco-friendly and efficient septic alternative system that can free you from the constraints of traditional sewage systems? Look no further. This actionable guide will walk you through the process of selecting and implementing the Droilet™ You have found a revolutionary stand-alone septic alternative system designed for both on and off-grid living. You'll discover how the Droilet™ can offer you the freedom you desire while minimizing environmental impact.

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

Before diving into any septic alternative system, it's essential to evaluate your specific requirements. Consider factors like the location of your property, local regulations, the size of your household, and your water usage patterns. The Droilet™ is an excellent fit for off-grid and environmentally sensitive locations, making it suitable for those looking to live sustainably.

 Step 2: Understand the Droilet™ Advantage

To make an informed decision, it's crucial to understand why the Droilet™ stands out:

1. Off-Grid Compatibility:

The Droilet™ is ideal for off-grid living, providing a wastewater solution even in remote areas.

2. Minimal Environmental Impact:

This system requires no excavation or external treatment tanks, preserving your property's natural landscape.

3. EPA-Compliant:

The treated end product meets EPA standards for Class A biosolids, ensuring safety and environmental responsibility.

4. Water Efficiency:

The Droilet™ operates without additional water, reducing the risk of groundwater contamination.

5. Organic Air Filtration:

It treats gases using an Organic Air Filter, contributing to a cleaner environment.

6. Gray Water Connection:

For added sustainability, it can connect to a gray water system, allowing water reuse.

7. Urine Diversion Ready:

For Eco-renewal, it can be connected to a urine tank, useful as an organic fertilizer.

 Step 3: Compare with Other Systems

It's essential to compare the Droilet™ with other common septic alternative systems:

  • Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU): The Droilet™ is more compact and cost-effective, requiring no external treatment tanks.
  • Drip Distribution System: Unlike the Droilet™, drip distribution systems may need added maintenance and electrical power.
  • Mound Systems: Mound systems require more space and periodic maintenance compared to the Droilet™.
  • Recirculating Sand Filter System: The Droilet™ offers a more affordable solution than sand filter systems.
  • Evapotranspiration System: For reliability, choose the Droilet™ over evapotranspiration systems, which can fail with excessive rain or snow.
  • Constructed Wetland System: The Droilet™ has a broader range of applicability than constructed wetland systems.

Step 4: Landscape Alteration Challenges

Consider the impact of landscape alterations when choosing a septic alternative system. Most systems, except the Droilet™, may require excavation or tree cutting, potentially leading to regulatory challenges. State and local regulations often govern landscape alterations near waterways like streams.

Step 5: Embrace the Droilet™

Make the informed choice to embrace the Droilet™ as your septic alternative system:

  • Ease of Installation: The Droilet™ fits within a standard toilet footprint, requiring minimal installation.
  • Minimal Landscape Impact: It eliminates the need for excavation or tree removal, reducing regulatory challenges.
  • Sustainability: The Droilet™ contributes to a sustainable lifestyle with its eco-friendly features.


 By following this actionable guide, you can confidently choose the Droilet™ as your septic alternative system. Experience the freedom of off-grid living, minimize environmental impact, and ensure compliance with EPA standards. Say goodbye to landscape alteration challenges and welcome the innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient Droilet™ into your life.

Remember to consult local regulations and contact the Droilet™ manufacturer AiraCorp for personalized guidance on implementing this exceptional septic alternative system.

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