Assessment Questionnaire – Is the Droilet™ right for you?


Assess your needs, preferences, and requirements.

Are you concerned about preserving your property's natural landscape and minimizing environmental impact?

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Are you considering the Droilet™ Septic Alternative System for your property? To help you make an informed decision, we've created this questionnaire. By answering these questions, you can assess your needs, preferences, and requirements when choosing the Droilet™ as your wastewater treatment solution.

Section 1: Property Assessment

  1. Location: Is your property in a remote or environmentally sensitive location, such as an off-grid area or near water bodies like streams?
  2. Local Regulations: Have you checked local and state regulations regarding sewage and landscape alterations on your property?


Section 2: Understanding the Droilet™ Advantage

  1. Off-Grid Living: Are you interested in a septic alternative system that's suitable for off-grid living?
  2. Environmental Impact: Are you concerned about preserving your property's natural landscape and minimizing environmental impact?
  3. EPA Compliance: Is it important to you that the treated end product meets EPA standards for Class A biosolids?
  4. Water Efficiency: Do you prefer a system that operates without the need for additional water, reducing the risk of groundwater contamination?
  5. Air Filtration: Are you interested in a system that treats gases using an Organic Air Filter for a cleaner environment?
  6. Gray Water Connection: Would you like the option to connect your system to a gray water system for water reuse?
  7. Urine Recycling: Would you like he option to reuse urine as an organic fertilizer?

Section 3: Comparing with Other Systems

  1. Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU): Are you looking for a system that's compact and cost-effective, with no need for external treatment tanks?
  2. Drip Distribution System: Are you comfortable with added maintenance and the requirement for electrical power if you choose a drip distribution system over the Droilet™?
  3. Mound Systems: Are you willing to allocate more space and budget for periodic maintenance if you opt for a mound system?
  4. Recirculating Sand Filter System: Are you open to a more expensive solution, or would you prefer the cost-effectiveness of the Droilet™?
  5. Evapotranspiration System: Are you willing to risk system failure with excessive rain or snow, or do you prefer the reliability of the Droilet™?
  6. Constructed Wetland System: Is your property suitable for a constructed wetland system, or would you prefer the broader applicability of the Droilet™?

Section 4: Landscape Alteration Considerations

  1. Excavation and Tree Cutting: Are you prepared to undertake excavation or tree cutting on your property to accommodate a septic alternative system?
  2. Regulatory Challenges: Are you aware of and willing to navigate potential regulatory challenges associated with landscape alterations near waterways like streams?

 Section 5: Embrace the Droilet™

  1. Ease of Installation: Do you value an easy installation process, such as fitting the Droilet™ within a standard toilet footprint?
  2. Minimal Landscape Impact: Is the absence of excavation or tree removal a key factor for you to reduce regulatory challenges?
  3. Sustainability: Are you committed to a sustainable lifestyle and interested in the eco-friendly features of the Droilet™?


By answering these questions, you can better evaluate whether the Droilet™ Septic Alternative System aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Remember to consult local regulations and contact the Droilet™ manufacturer for personalized guidance based on your responses to this questionnaire. Making an informed decision will ensure you experience the benefits of a reliable, eco-friendly, and efficient wastewater treatment solution.

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