Droilet™ vs. Traditional Septic Alternatives


The Droilet™ is revolutionizing the world of septic alternative systems.

"The Droilet™ is micro-engineered to fit within a standard toilet footprint, eliminating the need for external tanks".

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Doilet™ by AiraCorp
Doilet™ by AiraCorp

The Greener Choice

When it comes to building in remote or environmentally sensitive locations, traditional septic systems can be impractical or even impossible. That's where septic alternative systems come into play, offering innovative solutions for wastewater treatment. One such groundbreaking option is the Droilet™, the world's first patented stand-alone Septic Alternative System. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the Droilet™ and compare it to other common septic alternative systems. We will also discuss the eco-friendly advantages and landscape alteration challenges associated with these systems.

The Droilet™: A Superior Septic Alternative System

 The Droilet™ stands out among septic alternative systems for several key reasons:

  1. Suitable for Off-Grid Living: Unlike many other septic alternatives, the Droilet™ is designed to operate efficiently in off-grid locations. This feature makes it an ideal choice for remote cabins, tiny homes, or any situation where a traditional septic system is not feasible.
  2. Minimal Environmental Impact: One of the Droilet™'s most significant advantages is its minimal impact on the environment. It doesn't require excavation or external treatment tanks, eliminating the need for disruptive landscape alterations.
  3. EPA-Compliant Class A Biosolids: The treated end product of the Droilet™ meets EPA standards for Class A biosolids, ensuring that the effluent is safe and environmentally responsible.
  4. Water-Efficient: The Droilet™ operates without the need for additional water, reducing the risk of contaminating groundwater with excess nitrogen or other harmful substances.
  5. Organic Air Filtration: This system treats gases using an Organic Air Filter, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.
  6. Gray Water Connection: For added sustainability, the Droilet™ can be connected to a gray water system, allowing you to recycle and reuse water for sinks, showers and laundry for various purposes.
  7. Urine Diversion: The Droilet™ diverts urine which can be collected in a urine tank for re-use as a valuable organic fertilizer.

Comparing the Droilet™ to Other Septic Alternative Systems

 When considering septic alternative systems, it's essential to explore your options. The Droilet™ excels in comparison to other common systems, as highlighted below:

  1. Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU): ATUs are effective but often require excavation and external treatment tanks. In contrast, the Droilet™ is micro-engineered to fit within a standard toilet footprint, eliminating the need for external tanks.
  2. Drip Distribution System: Drip distribution systems can be efficient but require a large dose tank, electrical power, and increased maintenance. The Droilet™ offers a more straightforward and cost-effective solution.
  3. Mound Systems: Mound systems are suitable for certain soil conditions but take up substantial space and require periodic maintenance. The Droilet™ is more space-efficient and minimizes landscape alterations.
  4. Recirculating Sand Filter System: Sand filter systems are useful near water bodies but are more expensive than typical septic systems. The Droilet™ provides a more affordable alternative.
  5. Evapotranspiration System: Evapotranspiration systems are limited by environmental conditions and can fail with excessive rain or snow. The Droilet™ offers a more reliable option for wastewater treatment.
  6. Constructed Wetland System: While constructed wetland systems mimic natural processes, they require specific wetland plants and are not suitable for all locations. The Droilet™ has a broader range of applicability.

Landscape Alteration Challenges

 It's essential to consider the impact of septic alternative systems on the landscape. Most alternative systems, except the Droilet™ Aerobic Treatment Unit, may require excavation or tree cutting, potentially leading to regulatory challenges.

State and local regulations often govern landscape alterations near waterways like streams. However, by choosing the Droilet™ ATU, you can significantly reduce these challenges, as it requires no excavation or tree removal.


 The Droilet™ is revolutionizing the world of septic alternative systems by offering a stand-alone, eco-friendly solution suitable for on and off-grid living. Its compact design, minimal environmental impact, and compliance with EPA standards make it an attractive choice for those seeking efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment. When compared to other septic alternative systems, the Droilet™ stands out for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. Say goodbye to landscape alteration challenges and embrace the freedom of an innovative, environmentally friendly sanitation solution.

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