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Safe Sanitation Reinvented

How the Droilet™ Works

The Functional Process

  1. Urine is separated and diverted
  2. Solid waste gets dumped into a Mixing Zone
  3. Solid waste and sawdust are combined to form feedstock
  4. Feedstock is mixed and digested by a bacteria culture
  5. Feedstock is transformed into Biosynthate
  6. Biosynthate is isolated and pasteurized
MTEC Exploded View

Five-step solid waste treatment process

Step One - Urine Diversion

  • Urine is separated. Further processing dependent on site conditions.

Step Two - Deposit Zone

  • Solid waste is deposited on a stainless steel deposit tray called the Deposit Zone.
  • A scoop of sawdust mix is added before or after the tray is dumped.
  • A paper liner can be used to assist in cleanliness.
  • The deposit tray dumps its contents into the Mixing Zone.
Solid Waste Treatment Diagram
THE MTEC™ (Multiphase Thermophilic Environment Chamber)

Step Three - Mixing Zone

  • The solid waste and sawdust mix is processed with an automated mixing blade to form feedstock.
  • The Mixing Zone has a heating element to keep the feedstock at optimal conditions, allowing a natural bacteria culture to thrive and start feedstock aerobic digestion
  • Some of the feedstock accumulates in the Germination Zone for the purpose of reseeding which keeps the process going.
  • Meanwhile some of the feedstock also moves into the Cultivation Zone.

Step Four - Cultivation Zone

  • The Cultivation Zone has a heating element and automated mixing blade for stage two treatment.
  • In the Cultivation Zone the feedstock continues digestion and transformation into a new substance called Biosynthate. In this area the feedstock is semi-separated from the Mixing Zone.
  • The newly formed Biosynthate fills up the Cultivation Zone and is moved across a bridge by a transportation blade into the final treatment area, called the Pasteurization Zone.

Step Five - Pasteurization Zone

  • In the Pasteurization Zone, the newly formed Biosynthate is isolated.
  • The Pasteurization Zone also has its own heating element and automated mixing blade for this final processing and treatment step.
  • The Biosynthate is moved into an output tray where it is collected and emptied into a collection container.